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Multi-Function School Activity Buses – The Best Activity Transportation Option for Private Schools, Day Cares, and After-School Programs

Big yellow school buses are a great vehicle for getting large groups of students to and from school. However, if you need to transport 14 or fewer students to after-school programs, sports, or other events, a traditional bus doesn’t make financial sense. A more affordable option is a Multi-function School Activity Bus (MFSAB). These vehicles have been approved by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) as an alternative for transporting school-aged students to and from school-related activities. Unlike a typical yellow school bus, an MFSAB does not have to be yellow or have the flashing lights and traffic control arms that are required by both federal and state laws. Multi-function School Activity Buses are still just as safe as traditional school buses, as these vehicles are manufactured to meet the same strict standards.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) students are about 70X more likely to get to school safely when taking a school bus instead of traveling by car. NHTSA’s safety standards for school buses are above and beyond those for regular buses. Under NHTSA’s regulations, a multifunction school activity bus (MFSAB) is defined as “a school bus whose purposes do not include transporting students to and from home or school bus stops.” An MFSAB must meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) applicable to school buses except those requiring the installation of traffic control devices (flashing lights and stop arms). Therefore, MFSABs are one of the safest forms of transportation for students attending after-school programs, sports or other events. You can read more about NHTSA’s school bus safety standards here.

DATTCO Sales & Service offers the Collins® Multi-function School Activity Bus. We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure our customers get the exact vehicle they need. Collins’ seating platform offers strength, safety, and the option to be altered, upgraded, or customized to meet any need.

  • From 9 to 14 passenger capacity with up to 6 wheelchair positions.
  • Available with lap belts, 3-point belts, child restraint belts, and activity seats.
  • Non-CDL options

The Collins name has long been synonymous with the school bus industry. It is the nation’s most trusted bus manufacturer across every segment. From Type A school buses to Collins commercial buses, and multi-function school activity buses, passengers and businesses can place their trust in Collins’ engineering and innovation. Read more about the brand built on safety here.

Engineered to Excel at Every Activity

For schools, every day and every trip is different. Knowing flexibility is the rule of the road, Collins developed an innovative, non-CDL multi-function school activity bus (MFSAB) that meets every need. Customers can choose between a Chevrolet or Ford bus that provides trusted performance, and Collins’s proprietary one-piece tubular roof design ensures safety is standard with every bus they build.

One Activity Bus for Every Road Ahead

Collins’ non-CDL (14 passengers and under) activity bus is designed for flexibility and engineered to meet the demands of every trip. With the Multi-function School Activity Bus, customers don’t have to compromise on features by choosing one bus over another. With engineering that produces best-in-class maneuverability, design that puts storage where it’s needed, and alternative fuel options for cost-saving efficiency, the Collins activity school bus is ready for whatever journey lies ahead. MFSABs are available on Chevrolet, Ford E Series, and Ford Transit chassis. All models are available with gas engines, and the Ford Transit is available with gas or diesel engines. Click here to download the Collins Activity Bus brochure.

DATTCO Sales & Service has new and used MFSABs in stock! Or we can customize a vehicle to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more: (860) 229-4878, x5757, [email protected].
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